Certifications Organic Certification

Best for our customers, best for our growers,
best for the earth — all this is True.

ROYAL QUINOA is grown exclusively in the Bolivian Andes. It is the largest, most nutritious quinoa grain in the world, and is organically grown, fairly traded and prewashed.

TRUE QUINOA® is Royal Quinoa that has been pretoasted in the centuries old manner of the Aymaras, to bring out the ancient grain’s richest flavors and texture. Coming soon.

True Quinoa®. The lands around the Salar de Uyuni of southern Bolivia, the world’s largest salt flat, are inhospitable to most living things. Over 13,000 feet in altitude, sun-scorched by day and frost-bitten overnight, remote and remarkable. Around 4,000 years ago, the hardy native peoples of the Andes discovered that these forbidding surroundings provide ideal conditions for cultivating quinoa.

Today’s descendants of these early farmers follow the simple practices of their forebears to raise quinoa seeds that are typically one-third larger than those grown anywhere else. Their methods are 100 percent organic and absolutely sustainable. Andean Naturals ensures that our growers receive Fair Trade prices, and they have taught us the secret of slightly toasting the ripe seeds before washing and refining them, to create the distinctive and delicious flavor known as quinoa pisara.

Everything we have learned enables us to deliver the taste and goodness of quinoa at its very finest: True Quinoa®.