True Quinoa®

True Quinoa
Pascuala Aquino is the leader of APAJUSA, a women’s grower group in southwestern Bolivia. Their farms fringe the Salar, 4,000 square miles of pure NaCl, formed from the tears of a mother volcano, some say. Señora Aquino understands history, agronomy, brand identity and diplomacy. What about quinoa grown farther afield? “It is… sweet,” she smiles, pausing just slightly.Andean Naturals shares Pascuala’s commitment to quinoa that is true to its ancient roots high in the Andes. It flows through the growing range of natural quinoa products we provide and the innovative ways we bring them to market. Complete in protein, rich in essential aminoacids and minerals… B Corp Best for the World 2013-2015True Quinoa®. If you share the passion, Join The Quest.
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