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Running at Maximum Efficiency


“What do I love about my job? It’s dynamic, it’s challenging. I like troubleshooting and making things work better for people.”

Jerry Gartner has been supporting the IT needs of clients in southeastern Wisconsin since 1998. He’s about to take his expertise to a dramatic new level — the 13,000-foot elevation of the Andean Naturals/JISA quinoa-processing facility in El Alto, Bolivia.

Jerry’s office is under the same roof as our US quinoa operations center at Jake’s Cafe in Sheboygan, WI. A couple of neighborly conversations turned businesslike and Andean COO/tech fan Marcos Guevara realized he had found the just the man to update and upgrade JISA’s IT infrastructure.

There’s another reason Jerry’s journey to the altiplano makes sense. He’s a dedicated long-distance runner who often covers 50 miles a week in training and may consume 5,000 calories a day. His preferred fuel is — Quinoa!

“I’m vegan. I eat quinoa two or three times a day. It takes care of all the nutritional concerns I have as a runner,” he says.

While in Bolivia he will hang out with members of JISA’s Fueled by Quinoa running team. Although his body won’t adjust to the altitude in time for Jerry to train fully, he is looking forward to testing himself at extreme elevation as he prepares for the Rome Marathon next March. His longer-term goal is the Leadville 100, a quadruple-marathon epic that finishes at 12,000 feet.

You’d never think this guy is 45 years old and only started running five years ago.

Jerry has promised to provide details as his Bolivian adventure unfolds. We’ll let you know.


“Why do I run? It’s not something that seems rational to me. There are a lot of challenges in it that I find compelling. You have to ignore your mind and your body telling you you can’t.”