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A winning passion for quinoa

The first Andean Naturals T-shirt design contest attracted entries from across the US, Bolivia and nations around the world. Contestants showed impressive imagination and design skills to communicate the beauty and benefits of quinoa. Winners received prizes of quinoa and the opportunity to have their designs printed on high-quality t-shirts. Read about our winners and check out their cool designs.

Turning your quinoa passion into quinoa fashion

We launched the first Andean Naturals T-shirt design contest last summer, inviting fellow quinoa lovers to turn their passion for the Mother Grain into a piece of wearable art. We asked participants to create designs that would communicate the beauty and benefits of quinoa — a personal take with universal meaning. We offered the winners prizes of quinoa and the opportunity to have their designs printed on high-quality organic t-shirts. It was the first time we had organized a contest of this kind, and we were delighted to discover the talents of our growing worldwide community of quinoa friends.

Entries arrived from across the United States, from Bolivia and from other nations near and far including Canada, Bangladesh and the Philippines. Our judges selected three finalists, which we presented on our website and asked visitors to our Facebook page to choose their favorite. It turned into the closest of races, and the outcome was in doubt until literally the final hour. Finally the “Likes” were fully tallied and we were ready to announce the first-place winner.


Make that winners, plural. As we said, the numbers were extremely close. Here at Andean Naturals HQ we were so excited, we forgot our own deadline for a moment! (We’re only human, gracias a Dios.) All things considered, what could make more sense than joint-champions — one from the US, one from Bolivia?! Felicitaciones to Dreamsickle, Viviana and third-place winner, Cecilia, and warmest thanks to all contest entrants and our judges for showing how much you care about quinoa.

Joint first place

* Eat Your Quinoa  Dreamsickle  (USA)

* Granos de Sol  Viviana Aguilar Nogales  (Bolivia)

(Dreamsickle and Viviana both receive a year’s supply of Royal Quinoa and 10 t-shirts printed with any of the winning designs.)

Third place

* The Super-Grain  Cecilia Aguirre  (Bolivian in Canada)

(Cecilia receives 5 t-shirts printed with any of the winning designs.)

During the t-shirt contest, we encountered original thinking, cool designs and fine executional skills. We learned valuable things about running a worldwide online competition, which we will put to good use in the near future — check back soon for details of our next quinoa event. And we were reminded of how many people share our commitment to quinoa farmers and are proud to show the world they give a shirt. When fairness prevails, everybody wins.


Coming soon

* Our t-shirt contest winners tell us what inspired their designs and how quinoa is part of their lives.

* A new contest to engage your creativity in Raising the Power of Goodness.