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Working for a Fair Reward

Most of what Andean Naturals does in our quest to assist Bolivian quinoa farmers happens quietly, without fanfare. Recently, our efforts have come under the spotlight in the columns of Time magazine — not once, but twice within one week!

Gods of Food

Gods of Food

Sergio Nunez de Arco, our (Co-Founder and Quinoa Specialist), was named as one of Time’s 13  “Gods of Food”  — people who “have their own roles in working the magical thinking and eating that reaches our dinner tables.”

(Read more: The 13 Gods of Food |

Interviewed for a second article, Sergio Nunez de Arco: The King of Quinoa, Sergio described the role of Andean Naturals in building bridges between quinoa farmers in Bolivia and consumers in the United States. As global demand for quinoa continues to soar, other countries are rushing to fill it with an increasingly commoditized product, threatening the existence of traditional growers, he warned. Consumers will have to choose: “Do they want a commodity, or do they want a product that is not just good for them but also for the environment and the hardworking farmer who grows it?”

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Recognition in Time is a testament to Sergio’s vision and dedication. It tells us at Andean Naturals that we are doing something right as a company. What is really important is that it keeps the vital interests of the farmers of Bolivia prominent in the world’s attention.


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